Line Striping

Parking Lot Line Striping, Pavement Marking, and Signage Services

Proper line striping is an effective way to make a great first impression on your visitors. Vividly painted entry and exit points promotes safety and makes navigating your lot a breeze! Increase the value and enhance the appearance of your property with a well-maintained, efficient, compliant parking lot and roadway.

Increase safety for both drivers and pedestrians

A properly striped parking lot can help with safety, space maximization, traffic flow, and curb appeal. It also minimizes your liability in case of an accident.

We like using thermoplastic paint for pavement markings, instead of standard acrylic. This is because it dries much quicker & reduces traffic interference, reflects vibrant color for day/night visibility, and has high durability & skid-resistance.


We offer parking stall line striping, crosswalk marking, curb painting, stop bars, fire lanes, entrances/exits, indoor warehouses, and much more.

The professionals at Pavement Solutions are experts in federal, state and municipal ADA regulations and will help you avoid fines and penalties. ADA-compliant businesses have appropriate signage, parking spaces, etc. in order to accommodate individuals with disabilities.

We can create custom stencils of anything you can imagine—a great way to enhance your brand.

Clear, sharp signage is an important factor to ensuring law-abiding parking lots and roadways. Pavement Solutions creates and installs signage for your needs.

The signs we install always meet or exceed industry standards.


See it in action

Pavement Solutions was founded in 2001. Since then, we have been trusted nationwide to provide asphalt and concrete paving, maintenance, and repair services for commercial, residential, and industrial properties across the country.