Homeowners Associations

Homeowners Associations

Homeowner Association Paving, Maintenance, and Repairs

One of the determining factors of satisfaction within a homeowners association is the overall community appearance. HOA board members have a huge responsibility to protect the HOAs assets including private asphalt surfaces. Educating and developing pavement maintenance plans can beautify neighborhoods, and increase property values, while extending the life of pavement surfaces.


Services for Every Surface

Pavement Solutions has over 20 years of experience helping community associations manage the paving, maintenance, and repairs of roadways, driveways, pathways, and communal parking areas. Our pavement professionals are are able to offer cost-effective solutions that safeguard an asphalt or concrete investment and make a favorable impression well beyond the surface.


Scheduling and Execution

Every HOA is unique and can present different challenges. Pavement Solutions assesses the HOA’s to provide options that will help correct problems and meet your needs. With our pavement experts there are no surprises– all damages and defects are identified at one time. Repairs are prioritized over a specified period, usually 1-3 years out, which reduces decision-making time and effort. Work can be scheduled and completed in phases so that access to the property or neighborhood remains open during the entire project.