Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry

Paving, Maintenance, and Repairs for Hospitals and Medical Centers

More often than not, the healthcare industry is burdened with providing the best possible care for patients while dealing with a shortage of qualified employees and capital. Healthcare facility managers have to work around the obstacles of limited time, resources, and funding. We will be sure to increase the lifespan of parking lots and comply with safety codes to create a clear path for travel, and save valuable time.


Healthcare Parking Lots

Pavement Solutions has 20+ years of experience in helping healthcare facility professionals manage the maintenance and repair of hospital and medical center parking lots. From replacing entire parking lots, to refreshing the pavement markings– we’ve got you covered.

Pavement Solutions was published for our healthcare pavement marking services by Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction Magazine, read the article here.


Safety & Savings

A properly maintained parking lot aids in directing patients and staff safely and efficiently around the facility. Pavement Solutions stays current on all regulations, including ADA, to ensure projects are completed within specifications. We will work your specific budget to make repairs when they make the most economical sense. Also, we will abide by your timetable and schedule your paving project to be done in phases– so to cause as little disruption as possible.