Education Industry

Education Industry

Educational Facilities’ Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking lots of schools, colleges, and universities get near-constant traffic. Car, buses, delivery vehicles, bicycles, skateboards, and foot traffic. Educational facilities and school districts are always seeking new methods to reduce costs while increasing productivity. Pavement Solutions is a leader in providing cost saving, innovative products, and services that help educational facilities do just that.


Keeping Schools Safe and Beautiful

For over two decades, Pavement Solutions has been providing services for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and more. From installations and repairs to resurfacing and sealcoating, we can make sure your paved areas are both safe and beautiful.

We perform on-site evaluations of parking areas and can educate facility managers on how to spot warning signs of pavement failure. We make sure that cars, trucks, and pedestrians are all safe from any hazards, and that each lot is properly marked.


Budgeting, Planning, Scheduling

Whether it is maintaining existing assets or new development, we offer the products and services that will meet all of your needs. Each educational facility is unique and can present different challenges. Pavement Solutions assesses educational facilities to provide options that will help correct problems and meet your needs.

Our pavement experts take a customized approach by providing a pavement management plan. We outline defects and schedule repairs based on priority and budget.

Safety of the students and staff is always the top priority.

We are happy to work with your schedule to ensure as little disruptions as possible. Our crews complete projects quickly– without compromising workmanship.

  • We identify and address all parking lot safety hazards

  • We keep noise to a minimum during school hours
  • Schedule for spring, summer, or winter break

  • Work can be performed on the weekends