The snow is (finally) melting and spring is almost upon us. With new seasons comes new weather, and rainfall is just part of what you have to deal with when you live and work in the Midwest. However, what you don’t have to deal with are parking lot drainage problems. A professional pavement contractor can modify and repair your parking lot to redirect stormwater to drain effectively.

Water can become a serious problem for some parking lots. Oxygen and UV rays work together with standing water to cause the pavement to crack and the water to seep through to the subsoil. Proper drainage is a critical issue that can’t be ignored when installing or repairing a parking lot. The main objective is to create a strategy to move all water away from the parking lot surface and into culverts, storm sewers, or other channels as efficiently as possible. Pavement Solutions understands the importance of taking the necessary precautions when developing a drainage system for your specific lot. Doing this will result in a longer life for the parking lot and lower maintenance costs for the property owner.

3 Signs That Your Parking Lot Drainage System Needs to be Repaired:

1. Water Pools in the Same Spots After Every Rain Storm.

If you notice water puddling and pooling in the same places every time it rains, then it’s time to consider improving your drainage. Stagnant stormwater can contain harmful contaminants from the runoff and can put out some pretty nasty odors. As the puddles grow, parking stalls become more difficult to access, which can cause your customers to go elsewhere.

The most common reasons for pooling to occur are:

  • The pavement contractor(s) who originally paved the parking lot excavated the underground subsoil incorrectly prior to installation.
  • Improperly executed repair work has disrupted the drainage system design of the lot.
  • Areas of depressions have formed in the parking lot due to years of erosion from rainfall.

If the pooling restricts the use of your parking lot, making it difficult for visitors to drive and park freely, you must make repairs ASAP.

2. Water Flows Towards Your Building and/or Through the Middle of the Parking Lot.

As previously stated, your drainage system is put in place to wick water away from the parking lot and into the proper drain structures. Water flows into inopportune places because the pavement contractors who originally installed your parking lot didn’t include ample drains, inlets, or proper curbing.

3. Pavement Erosion due to Years of Poor Drainage.

Wear and tear on a parking lot is inevitable, especially in the midwest with the freeze-thaw weather cycles that come with the territory. The constant stress of foot and vehicle traffic is going to require routine maintenance. A lot with poor drainage that’s been neglected for long enough will result in huge repair costs, for something that was once easily preventable.

Drainage Repair Solutions:

Catch Basin Repair:

Catch basins are grated covered holes used in parking lots and roadways to collect the rainfall or any runoff surface water. These structures are essential for keeping water off of your pavement surface and preventing premature asphalt failure. If a catch basin sits just 1/4 inch above the pavement, the basin will not collect water efficiently and will need to be repaired. We repair catch basin structures such as manholes, storm drains, water valves, and sanitary sewers. Whether it’s a small repair job like replacing the adjustment rings or a large project like replacing entire structures– we’ve got you covered! Contact us for an inspection.

Curbs and Gutters:

Before water makes it to its destination of the catch basin, it must be guided there first. When placed and constructed properly, curbs and gutters are great at controlling water flow in parking lots. Pavement Solutions will inspect your lot and provide you with an estimate for the necessary placement, replacement, or repairs of curbs and gutters.

Slope Corrections:

The slope of any pavement surface is a significant detail when it comes to effective drainage systems. Most parking lots today are installed with a slight slope to aid in the water runoff collection. The slope can become compromised by pavement settlement from constant heavy traffic and/or from soil settling beneath the pavement. The pavement professionals at Pavement Solutions will inspect your parking lot and configure the optimal surface elevations in order for your parking lot to drain as efficiently as possible.

Inlets and Drains:

Depending on the condition of your lot, you may benefit greatly by installing drains and inlets on your pavement surface. These provide water with more effective ways to run off of the surface of your parking lot. It might be in your best interest to install such structures, so please contact us to get an inspection and estimate.

But don’t sweat it, Pavement Solutions, LLC will take care of everything. Our pavement professionals have over 30 years of experience in parking lot drainage installation, repairs, and replacements. After a free consultation, we can offer you a number of different solutions, based on your budget and the condition of your driveway. Request a free estimate today or call us for more information today!

Posted by C. Butler on 3/8/21