Asphalt paving is a large investment, which is why it’s crucial to have a partner that develops a scope-of-work to keep your lot orderly for the next 20+ years.

Asphalt is the most common choice for parking lots. This is most likely because of its affordability, longevity, and ease of maintenance. No matter what your project entails, Pavement Solutions meets the demand in the most cost-effective way. It would make no sense to save a few dollars now, only to have major regrets in the long-run, right?

Make an amazing first impression on visitors with a properly installed and maintained asphalt surface. There are many different ways to install asphalt, and our estimators are happy to see which option if best fit for you. Our team is here to identify the specific needs of your lot and present a work plan that fits within your budget.

From small projects, like a business driveway, to gigantic parking lots with thousands of stalls– we’d love to take care of it all for you. We offer paving for any size commercial or residential lot. Here are the options we can provide:

Removal & Replacement:

Sometimes the negligence of proper maintenance can cause an asphalt lot to become damaged beyond repair; and the only solutions is to start fresh. Though sometimes, the actual problem could but much more critical. Whether it be issues with the groundwater, a weakened subgrade, or that hte lot is not equipped for traffic flow; we will create a full-maintenance plan to combat it all.

  1. All asphalt is removed via excavation.
  2. The subgrade and aggregate base are inspected to ensure stability and longevity of the new construction.
  3. New asphalt is installed and compacted.
  4. Any necessary line striping, pavement markings, and signage are put in place.

Asphalt Resurfacing

Also known as anĀ asphalt overlay, is a cost-effective way to restore your asphalt pavement to the condition that it once was. Resurfacing is best suited for parking lots that have been properly maintained over time and still have a stable sub-base. If there are many areas with fatigue cracking on the lot, full-depth patching may need to take place before asphalt resurfacing. Basically, asphalt resurfacing is only as reliable as the base layer that it’s being installed over.

  1. The top layer of existing asphalt is grinded down.
  2. A new layer of asphalt (usually 1.5″ – 2″ thick) is installed right on top.

We also offer asphalt additions, curb-cutting, and general asphalt modifications.

Installation Over Existing Gravel

The conditions of some lots may not be too treacherous and may just call for a simple “refresher”…

  1. A layer of gravel is placed upon existing aggregate.
  2. The lot’s pitch is adjusted for efficient/effective water drainage.
  3. Asphalt is laid on top, according to your custom specifications.

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Let us maintain the longevity of your lot. Because — after all — a parking lot is a consumer’s first impression of the establishment as a whole.

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