Between crime and collisions, parking facilities may be more dangerous than you think. Parking lots and garages are the third-most common place where violent crimes happen (according to FBI statistics).

A dimly lit and poorly maintained parking facility can make even the most fearless individuals feel on edge– and for good reason. Physical attacks, violence, vehicular/property theft, and vehicle accidents are frequent occurrences in parking facilities. How do you make your parking area more secure? Check out these 5 parking lot safety methods to help keep your lot safe.


Installing proper, bright lighting is one of the most effective ways to make a parking lot/garage safer for everyone, for several reasons. Criminals are able to get away with things much easier under a veil of darkness– poor lighting is essentially an open invitation to crime. Eliminating dark corners and brightening stairways and walkways is a great method for deterring sketchy individuals. What’s more, investing in brighter lighting improves visibility for drivers and pedestrians; and reduces the likelihood of accidents, slips, and falls.

Your parking lot/parking garage lighting fixtures should be placed in strategic areas and spaced so that they don’t create shadows. Installing spot lighting and smart lighting with motion sensors will make a tremendous difference in the safety and security of any parking facility.


Mounting video cameras is a super cost-effective security measure you can implement at your parking facility. Placing cameras in highly-visible spots can discourage criminals, make patrons feel safer, and provide evidence of any incident that occurs.

Researching the latest tech. improvements in security cameras is a great idea for your parking facility. Most of the older CCTV cameras were hard-wired, but newer technology allows for cameras to connect to your WiFi network and send videos straight into the cloud. Additionally, you can get camera models that are equipped with solar panels or long-lasting batteries. There’s even options for security cameras that are weather-proof and less susceptible to being affected by power outages.


Clear signage is one of the best ways to promote safety in a parking lot/parking garage. Each sign should convey a purposeful message that’s simple and familiar. It’d be beneficial to install signs that inform visitors of the security cameras and the systems in place to stop and prosecute criminals.

Obviously, don’t forget about driving safety signs too. These signs are an easy way to smoothly guide drivers and pedestrians through the lot. You should use signage for drivers which clearly indicates what to do and what not to do in the parking facility.


While cameras are great, nothing matches the effectiveness of having a live security patrol on the premises. If your parking lot or parking garage sees a lot of different people coming and going on a regular basis, you may want to recruit some guards. When people leave their vehicle at your lot, they should feel safe knowing that they’ll come back to their belongings in the same condition as when they left. Security guards will keep visitor’s property safe, discourage wrongdoers, and help patrons feel more at ease.

Also, commercial parking facilities could greatly benefit from the use of gates at the entrance/exit points. Using gates with raising/lowering arms will effectively keep track of who enters the property, especially at night.


Well-maintained facilities lowers the chance of accidents, injuries, and crimes from occuring! According to the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), Maintenance is one of the main principles for crime prevention through environmental design. Staying on top of maintenance sends the message that your parking facilities are routinely maintained. Which means, criminals are more likely to get caught in a place that receives regular attention.

  • Replacing burnt-out light bulbs promotes safety and security.
  • Taking care of any wet, damaged, or weathered areas will decrease any trips, falls, and skids.
  • Making sure all nearby vegetation and shrubbery is trimmed low will make it so people cannot hide behind it.

It’s no secret that parking lots and parking garages can be a hotbed for crimes and accidents. No matter how large your parking facility is, the security of the property must be taken seriously. At Pavement Solutions, we’re here to make your parking lots more safe/secure for all customers, visitors, and employees. Our team can assess your specific property and implement all security measures that will work best.

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Posted by C. Butler on 1/4/21